Wedding & Portraits

At peter rowe photography we totally understand how important your wedding day is. Before you make a decision about who to use, have a look at my gallery. If what you see is the quality you’re after, then look no further. If your decision is based on price you will always find cheap wedding photographers. Like anything, you get what you pay for. You are going to spend the rest of your lives looking at your weddings photos. What if they’re no good? What if you don’t like them? You can’t go back and do it again. I am no where near the most expensive photographer in Perth. Far from it. But, I’m also not the cheapest. But, my weddings photos speak for themselves. The cost is based on how long you want me for (the average is four hours) and whether you want you photos supplied on disc as well as a stunning photobook. The average wedding is around $1500. Considering how much most couples spend on their wedding, that is very affordable. Included in our cost is free champagne, umbrellas, soft shoes to slip on to protect your wedding shoes in case of soft ground, sun screen if needed, an assistant who’s sole purpose it is to make sure you’re totally happy and every person you want photographed gets photographed, plus makeup if needed so you look your best. When you pay for a cheap photographer, it’s not just the photos that look cheap. It’s also the probability that crucial people might be forgotten and left out.

I just love photographing people. Everyone is beautiful and my passion and joy is capturing the beauty of each person. One of the most common comments people make when I show them their photos is; “Wow I can’t believe how good you have made me look”. It’s not me that made them look good. They already looked good. They just needed someone to capture that look. I don’t like to use a sterile studio though. I like to photograph outdoors at the beach, under a tree, near a wall, in a park or at a party. Every single photo you see taken on this website of people were taken outside of a studio. This sample above for instance was taken at a party. When was the last time you had a photo with your kids, you parents or your partner? Call me and we can talk about what you’d like to do. With no expensive studios to run you might be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it is to have your portrait taken.